Do Fun Things Like

Bribe your way out of trouble

Defraud your opponents

Run an extortion racket

About the game

Fraud is an attacking-style card game for 2-6 players or teams of 2 that is easy to learn. It combines strategy, luck and wicked satire to the world of white-collar crime.

The object of the game

As a crooked CEO, your goal is to bank $150M in your Offshore Account before going to prison for Fraud.

  • Fraud is definitely a high-growth industry, even if you don’t live in New Jersey. Our favorites include:
  • stealing elections with the help of Russian hackers who are secretly blackmailing you for “what happens in Moscow stays in Moscow.”
  • trickle-down voodoo economic tax scams that give corporations and wealthy cronies a blank check while screwing working families
  • bid-rigging your own World Cup host bid
  • “Tour de Farce” doping scandals and pro athletes on steroids
  • “Churches” run by aliens funded by poor out-of-work actors
  • hosting a blow-out birthday party in Vegas before faking your own death. Yes Len Kay, we’re talking about you, just keep the payoffs coming and we’ll keep looking the other way and lying to the Feds.

Choose your corporate identity

Play the game

Bribe your way out of trouble. Defraud your opponents along the way. Cheat if at all possible. Run an extortion racket and get paid. These strategies work well in New Jersey and Nigeria and they also work in Fraud the Game.

Fraud Scenarios

Make Money or Attack?

You can bank a huge asset card like Government Bailout for $25M or Attack your Opponent with Insider Trading and give them an indictment or maybe even put them out of the game, plus collect Cash and Stock Options.
Are you greedy, or mean? ...Maybe you’re both!

Securitize Liabilities or Extort Money?

You can securitize your highest value liability cards like Nigerian Investment Scam and Ponzi Scheme or use them to Attack by playing Extortion.
There are risks to either scenario, but also huge rewards to be had!

When do you play Annual Report?

Annual Report is an attack against all players, and the best time to play it is when one or more players are Securitizing, so you can inflict the most damage and get paid!

When do you Flee the Country?

Flee the Country is a powerful Defense Card, and the best time to play it is when you have big money that you can stash offshore, before fleeing the country and missing two turns.

When do you use Presidential Pardon

Presidential Pardon is a “Trump Card” and the most powerful card in the deck. Best time to play it is when you are about to become a “huge loser” since it wipes out all your indictments.


Achieve the goal before you get

3 Indictments

Once a player receives their 2nd indictment they have to do a "Perp Walk" around the table while all the other players heckle them.

Game Awards

  • Fraud has won numerous awards including:​
  • “Most Dishonest Game of the Year Award” by I-SCAM Game Reviews
  • “Most Educational” by the Nigerian Money Laundering Association
  • “Most Popular Prison Library Game” by the College Cheaters Club
  • “100% Cure for 99% of Cancers” by Big Pharma
  • “Better than Monopoly” by Everyone
  • “Funnier than Cards Against Humanity” by Bards Against Manatees
  • “Least Likely to have 300 Miniature Trolls” by Dungeons and Dominoes Board Squad
  • “Fraud is the Whole Enchilada” by Chuck Chimichanga

Endorsed by the Church of Scientific Aliens, the Fired Festival and the NFL’s No Tolerance for Fake Steroids Committee, Fraud will soon join your vast collection of games played by Icelandic Elves while you are away at game conventions accompanied by your emotional support goblin.