Partners in Crime

10.8.19- I got to see Rick Parker at a friend’s in South Orange, NJ yesterday before he headed back up to Maine with his wife Lisa Trusiani. He was in town for the New York Comic Con last week and shared the game with many who stopped by his table. Rick is a true genius with a paper and pen and his caricatures of scammers, fraudsters and other sketchy characters are some of his best work! For our website, Lisa suggested that we create a way for people to create their own mugshots as fraudsters and I think that’s a great idea, will look into that.

Some of my favorite cards in the game are pictured here like Nigerian Investment Scam, Embezzling, Tax Loophole, Bribery, Extortion and Insider Trading.

And since Rick is a backer as well as a partner, I gave him his own copy of Jeff Kreisler’s book Get Rich Cheating. Jeff, another partner in crime of mine is hoping to make our upcoming Fraud Launch Party on November 2 and will add even more humor and laughs to the event. Get your Fraud on, people!

Partners in crime
Rewards for our backers

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