The mission of the USPS is to deliver mail no matter who the president is


Dear USPS Board of Governors,

Americans understand that what DeJoy and Trump are doing to the USPS right now is illegal, unconstitutional, unethical and immoral. As a small business owner that relies on the USPS, my business is at risk, and more importantly our democracy is at risk right now if we can’t get our mail in a timely manner and if we can’t vote by mail in November during the midst of a global pandemic. 

I have lived in Oregon and Washington for years and the ability to vote by mail that these states and others allow provides for more transparency and efficiency, reduced costs and a stronger economy, since voters are not penalized for leaving work to vote, and as history shows, voting by mail increases voter turnout which is, last time I checked, the whole point of living in a democracy.  Higher voter turnout is the biggest threat to Trump’s autocratic regime, and he has appointed a large political donor and crony to destroy the Constitutional mission of the USPS. Trump’s desperate desire to cling to power at all costs continues to destroy our country and now, an institution that we all rely on as citizens and business owners. His defense in acting in an unconstitutional manner is that vote by mail is rife with fraud which is just another one of his countless lies with no evidence to back it up.

What are you going to do about this criminal, illegal behavior?  Congress and the courts will likely do nothing given Mitch McConnell’s ability to block any Congressional action that he sees as a threat to him and his party’s desperate desire to hold onto power at all costs.  We need vote by mail in November to hold Republicans accountable, we know it, you know it and they sure as hell know it.

How am I supposed to serve my customers with an unreliable mail delivery system that is guaranteed under our Constitution? A century ago, women were granted the right to vote, but by doing nothing you’re allowing this right to be taken away from millions of American women including my wife and our19 year old daughter. 

What about my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do these rights only count if I make millions of dollars a year and donate funds to a political party with the understanding that if I scratch their back, they will scratch mine?  Continued inaction by your board makes this point all too clearly. Because we have stopped living in a democracy if my rights as a citizen and business owner are less equal than Louis DeJoy’s, a crony of the president.  I’m a white male and a capitalist, entrepreneur and business owner, I thought I was part of your club.  I’ve played golf at your country clubs and have invested in your companies. Doesn’t that count for anything these days?

Take action, remove DeJoy immediately in a vote of no confidence for his illegal, unconstitutional actions on behalf of Trump, demand funds from Congress to fix the USPS infrastructure and bring back some level of decency to the USPS.  Help America and Americans before it’s too late.

I will even volunteer and take no pay to become a USPS mail carrier from now until the election if that will help the cause.  What are you gonna do?



Pete Newman

Maplewood, NJ

Owner of Black Caddis Games LLC

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